you can find radio free exile videos, also referred to as radio free exile televised in several places on the www. naturally, the obvious place is youtube, where they appear first. you can subscribe to the youtube channel, and receive a notification for each new upload.  there are over 250 videos from exile on youtube.  featuring regular appearances from Tony Gambino, Lil' Donnie the fascist clown, Robbie the homeless guy, Amber Aylurt, and others, along with some well known people who happen by now and then.  everything you'll ever need to know about penfield, ny, is on this channel.  honest.  

the first thing you'll see at the radio free exile channel is this trailer:



when you're there, leave a comment, subscribe to the channel, and enjoy.  'cause this shit is really funny, with a taste of left-wing politics, and a touch of the absurd.


then there's patreonpatreon is a crowdfunding platform for artists, content creators and the like.  here you can view our collection of work for free, all of this is free, but you can choose to sponsor someone you really like.  when you sponsor someone, you commit to a monthly payment as little as $1.  this helps support the artists, and gives them a sense of accomplishment and a bit of validation.  if your able, and are so inclined, this is a great way to support folks.

niume is a british based site, set up as a blog, where people who provide content can showcase it, and be part of the niume community.

so, wherever you choose to watch radio free exile videos is fine with us.  what's important is that you see them and have fun.  its all about having fun, don't you think?


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