Everyone in Penfield knows Tony Gambino.  As a devoted husband, father, and head of his family, Tony's been involved at the highest levels of the business and civic life of the city.  His achievements include the founding of: The Penfield Pink Plastic Flamingo Sanctuary, The Penfield Anchovy Association, and The World's Greatest Roadside Attraction.  Tony Gambino's paternal dedication to the community is unrivaled.   

     For example, as Chairman of Gambino Savings & Loan (the largest financial institution in the metropolitan Penfield area), Tony created a community outreach program, enabling the less fortunate to conduct their banking business at home, or in various locations within their neighborhoods.  Folks can see to their banking in the comfort of familiar surroundings such as their homes, parks, local clubs, that sort of thing.  Loans can be negotiated with immediate access to cash, payments made, promises kept, basically all aspects of personal banking, transacted with intimate attention by enthusiastic professional associates.

     Tony is a booster of professional curling, and performs The National Anthem on his accordion at all of the Penfield Palookas Curling Team matches held at the Penfield Municipal Sports Arena.  In fact the Sports Arena was built by one of his companies, Gambino Construction, specifically to be the home of the Penfield Palookas. 

     Tony is also a radio personality.  He is often heard on radio free exile, expounding the very progressive virtues of the City of Penfield, along with other Public Service Announcements and commentary. Tony Gambino is truly a 21st century renaissance man.  And now, as if all of this hasn't been enough, he is the host of his own podcast.

    This is Tony's podcast.  He says what he says, and doesn't care what anyone thinks.  Even you.  You can listen to it here on this page, or you can go ahead to the podomatic site where it is actually hosted.  You can decide.  Hey, if you like it spread the word.  

If you don't like it, just shut up.




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