It's easy to imagine that this is an enterprise run by some nut with a computer sitting in an attic, smoking weed, and getting off on all the good music and other goodies he's presenting on this station.  Well, I don't have an attic, so I'm sure that changes the image you might have in your head about radio free exile.  Whatever.  Actually, what's going on is there is so much to do, and so many new things to be offered that one old pothead just can't seem to get all of it done.  Which means I'm looking for some help.

So, I'm looking for individuals who are looking for a creative outlet and have an interest in internet radio and podcasts.  Age doesn't matter, but you need to be mature enough to do what you say you will.  And remember, radio free exile leans heavily to the left socially and politically, so if you're some sort of right-wing nutjob, this isn't the place for you, really.  Aside from that, being a content producer can be a lot of fun and personally very rewarding and a source of experience that you can use in your endeavors further on.

Anyway, check out the listings below and see if anything grabs you.  Or, if you have an idea for something else that you think I might find interesting and would want to add to the rotation, let me know about it.  I'm pretty open and will consider almost anything.  So, contact me here -

You're going to need a good microphone, and a program to assemble your shows.  I recommend using Audacity, it's a free download and a very easy to use multi-track recorder.  There are others, and you might already have something comparable, it really doesn't matter what you use as long as you can create good quality mp3 files.

Compensation - Frankly, there's no money to pay you, this station is a labor of love, and basically a break-even proposition, but there are some benefits.  As a content producer, you'll get a banner on the radio free exile homepage, and your very own personal page on this site.  You can use this page to promote yourself, publish photos,  your social media links, that kind of thing.  Also, I receive tons of promo material - CDs, vinyl, books, and chapbooks, that I distribute to the radio free exile online personalities.  I do what I can.

There you have it.  Check it out and have fun.  Questions? - email me.

* The individual who does this should have a knowledge and love of the original indie acoustic, folk, and americana scene.  You would need to have access to artists and their music, and be able to do a scheduled 20-30 minute show with music, commentary, interviews, and whatever, to be added to the rotation.  Gleaning artists and music from your local scene is encouraged. Questions? - email me.
* Are you hanging around some coffee house listening to poets and writers perform their work?  Or maybe you are performing your own writing in one of these venues.  Do you love it?  A special person is needed to present featured spoken word artists in a regularly scheduled 20-30 minute show.  Think about it, you could be that special person.  Questions? - email me.

What's happening around your town?  Something good, or just a bunch of crap?  Anything and everything from music and venues, food, politics, whatever.  Tell us what's going on.  Your favorites and your hates.  Put your hometown on the map.    Questions? - email me.


So, did I miss something?  Do you have an idea for a feature on the station that you can carry the ball on?  Pitch it to me.  Tell me what you would like to do and how it would work.  Really, talk to me.  I won't bite.  Honest.  email me.