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It's always 4:20 in Penfield.   Always.   And because cannabis grown in Penfield is renowned the world over for its quality and potency,  it has become the biggest cash crop here.  And as an added benefit for living in the greatest community ever, local users need not travel far. 

Most of the cannabis grown in Penfield is harvested by The Sisters of the Reluctant Messiah.  They spend their days tending their pot farm, curing the product,  starting new varieties of seedlings, and making cookies and other edibles.  They also experiment with ways to use the entire plant, creating fabrics, paper, plastics, and even power their convent.  Even though the good sisters are their own best customers, they still manage to deliver truckloads of fine bud across the road to the marijuana distribution center.

The center is open for business 24 hrs. a day, and customers are able to purchase any quantity of cannabis, in any form.  There is a cafe on the premises with a full menu of intoxicating treats.  You can also reserve a private space where you can entertain yourself and your friends in whatever way you may wish.

The Penfield Marijuana Distribution center is located at the intersection of routes 250 & 441.  You can't miss it, and you won't want to either.

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