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Acme industries is the largest employer in the metropolitan Penfield area.  Since 1795 acme has been producing armaments, alcoholic beverages, canned foods, household goods, construction and various modes of transportation.  The incredible people in the research and development department are always looking for new and unique solutions to the problems of the modern world, from everyday life to space exploration.

Acme industries is always looking qualified creative applicants.  You can call the Human Resources Department at 585-377-6934 24 hours a day.  Acme industries is a 420 friendly company.

One of acme's latest projects - "Mission To Mars" 


Did you know that acme industries built over 95% of the dwellings in Penfield, and all of the public and government buildings as well?  

Acme created the first high speed rail commuter service in Penfield, designed and built the Penfield International Airport, and provides all of the aircraft for the Penfield Defense Forces.

Without acme, there would be no Penfield!

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