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    everything you need to know about radio free exile is on this one page for your convenience, honest, and it is a long page, really, so there is a bit of scrolling, buckle yourself in firmly, don't get lost, and don't hurt yourself.  That would be silly.

    internet radio streaming 24/7 featuring cutting edge original indie  releases including singer-songwriters, folk, rock, poets, spoken-word artists, comedy, satire, world & international music, 420 friendly, jazz, rap, reggae, country, weirdness, acoustic, blues, electric, eclectic, strong language, strong ideas, politics, poetry, and commentary.

    very 1st amendment, and very left-of-center.


    You're here, and that's good.  So what is it all about anyway?  Well, it's an interweb stream taken from my ever-growing collection of independently released original music, spoken-word, and commentary.  Different stuff.  Sometimes funny stuff. Things you'll rarely come across, and things you won't hear anyplace else.  It's a very eclectic mix.  Original music of all genres.  Coming from all over the US, and from around the world.  It's all very left of center, very first amendment, and 420 friendly.  Kind of like me.  

    The main thing here is for you to listen.  Open yourself to some new music.  Listen to what these folks have to say.  There's a lot going on here, and if you are tired of being numbed to death by the commercial pap that's shoved down your throat on a daily basis, this is the place to be.  And if you like it, spread the word, the artists here will appreciate it.  

    radio free exile - something for your head


    there are links for most of these folks, but not all, if you spot an error, let me know and I'll fix it.














    18 Karat Reggae

    The 29ers

    The After Hours Project

    Jeff Album 



    Kira & Casey Arrillaga

    Catherine Asaro



    Bob Ballard

    Brad Banyon


    The Beautiful Losers

    Katie Belle

    Lois Berg

    Dan Bern

    Todd Berry

    R.X. Bertoldi

    Tanner Bingaman

    Black Ice

    Blue Orchid Reaction

    The Borrowers

    Norine Braun

    Breaking The Undertow

    Joe (Pops) Bredow

    Nadia Bruce-Rawlings

    Val Bryan

    Tom P. Buckley

    Liz Byrnes

    Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society

    Robyn Cage

    Eileen Carey

    Don Carnevale

    Jon Cells

    Chris Chandler

    Children Of Adam Band

    Carol Crittenden

    Cuban Rain

    Cultured Mind Band 

    Currie Wayne Clayton Jr.


    Climbing Trees

    Wendie Colter

    Francie Conway

    Phil Coomer

    Patrick Cooper

    Dylan Cox


    Flip Damon


    Dread Daze

    Dead Defined

    The Deep Drags

    Eddy Delbridge 

    Mireya Derksen

    Destiny Band Oz

    Chris DeVito

    Johanna Dey

    Dizzy Box Nine

    Docfell & Co.

    Double up & Daan

    Lauren Ellis

    Erica Erdman

    James Ethington III


    Rich Ferguson

    John Frank Finizio  

    Robert Morgan Fisher

    Robbie Fitzsimmons

    Roger Flensing

    Flip Coins

    Phillip Foxley feat. vocal by Enrique Jimenez Aristi

    Funktastic Players

    Bing Futch

    Tony Gambino

    Stephen Gard

    The Genitals

    Ron Gither

    Emma Goldberg

    Matt Gourley

    Brian S. Green

    Dan Greider & The Great Depression Band

    Raggs Gustaffe

    Happy Curmudgeons

    Jennifer Hardaway


    Hawk and the Wild

    Haze Lagoon

    Trevor Heaslip

    Quinn Hedges

    Ritt Henn

    Deborah Henriksson

    Bill Hicks

    Honest John


    Mark Humphreys

    Hurricane Highway

    Hyde Out

    Tom Ianniello

    Iggyz Beautiful Noize

    The Individuals


    Mr. J (D-Riot)

    Michael Jacob

    Janina Jade

    Natalie Jean & Rory Gardiner


    Lisa Johnson


    Lefty Jones Band

    Steven Kattenbraker 

    John-Michael Kay

    The Key Rocks

    Kahlil's Razor

    Kheops One

    Kidd Comet

    P.M. Kostiainen Project


    Mackenzie Lee

    Matthew Lee

    Lene Lie

    Bruce Linde

    Maxine Lineham


    Andrew Lorand

    Andrea Louise


    Michael Lyon

    Richard Mabe

    Rian Mac

    Major Of Roses

    Manhattan Rob Walsh

    Marathon 85

    Mariachi Las Adelitas UK

    Martins Luv

    Matthew Mars

    Marva Von Theo

    Phil Matthews a.k.a TheVillage

    Ellyn Maybe

    Marie Marx

    Niclo McAllbe

    Anna McRose

    Duke McVinnie

    June Melby


    Abi Mia

    Andy Michaels

    Monday Piece

    Ailyn Mondragon


    The Moods feat. Yoko Pwno

    Suzi Moon

    Todd Warner Moore

    The Moriaritys

    Dave Morrison

    Viggo Mortensen

    Motel Six

    Tena Moyer

    Ishan Mukherjee

    Kevin James Murphy


    No Serial Killer

    Aton O'Cat

    Of The Sun And The Moon

    Ola Sweet

    Steve O'Connor

    Kristina Olsen

    Paula O'Reilly

    Pale Moon


    Papa Satch

    Scott Patton


    David Peel

    Brett Perkins

    Parker T. Pettus

    Ralph Pezzullo


    The Pink Flamingos

    David Piper

    Josh Pratt

    Profit Dinero 666

    Puppets of Castro

    Darryl Purpose

    Celine Rae

    Geoffrey Raines

    Tom Raley

    Trevor Ras

    Wayne Resnick

    Rio Glacier

    Rojo Cynthia feat. Nelson Seda

    Sandy Ross

    The Routes

    Bruno Rummler 

    Jim Savarino

    Rick Sazon

    Glenn Shayne

    Kathrin Shorr

    Sam Sims Band

    Eldon E. Simms


    Slant Six

    Smiley Face

    Cyd Smith

    James Coberly Smith

    Rod Sphere

    Paul Sprawl


    Spryng I, Gansta Wayne and Brandon

    Greydon Square

    Jon Steele

    Storm Of Crows

    Lexi Street


    SuperStar Kay

    Gail Swanson

    Adam Tanek

    Tim Tedrow


    Tracy Thielen

    Miracle Thomas

    Rubim de Toledo

    The Tombell Project

    Tox Chem

    Jim Trainor

    Triangulum Peace

    Frank Trousdell

    Ugly Smile

    Uncle Ben's Remedy

    Johnny Unconscious & The Knockouts

    John Van Ness




    Vinyl Arch Rodeo

    Terry Vreeland

    Phil Ward

    Jack Wagner


    Robert Weston

    Greg Wheeler

    The Chris White Experience

    The John Williams Syndicate w/ Petula Clark

    Mike Williams

    Teresa Willis

    Winchester 7 & The Runners

    Tom Winslow

    Adam Wojtanek

    Ella Woolsey

    Worm Grunter


    Madame Z

    Paul Zachary

    Roy Zimmerman

    Paul Zollo


    Yep, there are podcasts too.  You can use the players below to check them out, hear them in the radio free exile rotation, or visit the podcast pages themselves.  Not to mention you can find them anywhere you happen to go for your all important podcast listening experiences.  Geez, what's next?  Micro chip listening implants?  Who knows?

    *                                                                                                                                           *


    Goran's Picks is in rotation on radio free exile, and as the podcast below.

    episode 19 featuring:  

    Of The Sun And The Moon     Triangulum Peace     Bazerk

    Blue Orchid Reaction     Vibetank

     Indie Rock Bands interested in having their music on this show contact Goran at  

    Listen to "ep. 19 - Goran's Picks - Hosted by Goran Vedris" on Spreaker.






    Interesting stuff scattered throughout the rotation for your listening pleasure.  Some exclusive to radio free exile, and some content provided by others.


    Spotlight On Songwriters features music and conversation from select songwriters. These 'self-interviews' include their experiences, writing processes, achievements and goals.  Here's a way to not only hear great music but to get to know the artists themselves.
    Shows currently in rotation - ep. 1 Frank Trousdell, ep. 2
    Andrew Lorand, ep. 3 Ron Gither, ep. 4 Rian Mac, ep. 5 Lois Berg, ep. 6 Children Of Adam Band, ep. 7 No Serial Killer, and ep.8 Johnny Unconscious & The Knockouts.  And there's more great artists and their stories in the works.


    "Lost Track Of The 80's", hosted by 80's LA Radio DJ and personality, Mario Toscano.  Bringing forgotten music of the decade in these 5 minute episodes. New episodes weekly, and they're playing throughout the rotation.  Produced by Force Field Studios


    Roger Flensing is a fictitious character created by Australian writer Stephen Gard.  Roger spoke in a sardonic and curmudgeonly tone on a number of matters, cosmic and trivial, in radio lectures first broadcast in 1991.  Currently streaming are "Roger Flensing Speaks Of Telephones" "Roger Flensing Speaks Of People" "Roger Flensing Speaks Of Love" and "Roger Flensing Speaks Of Cynics And Skeptics."  Brought to you by The Anathema Foundation - Fostering misanthropy and discord in a hurting world.


    And it's simple, record your submission on your phone or whatever, and send it to   Use the title of the program as the subject, "420 Show".  The only thing I ask for is for you to stick to using first names only in your stories, unless they're public figures like mayors, kings, or corporations, etc.  I don't want to piss everybody off, it screws with my karma.

    Anybody who has succumbed to the temptation of the devil's weed has had at least one memorable moment, if they can remember it.  Something funny, or maybe some sort of epiphany, or maybe something that is just plain stupid.  This one is for the stoners in our midst.  You know who you are.  So share.  Entertain us.  

    Madge Bronkowitz hosts this one, and she doesn't really recommend that you get stoned to record your bit, but what could it hurt?  I mean, really, have some fun. 

    some of the great folks who help keep this all from becoming a train wreck.





    First of all, I only play what I like.  I like lots of different things which is why the station is such an eclectic mix of stuff.  So, if you're an original indie artist and want to get some airplay, send one stereo .mp3 or .wav file to me at  Use "submission" in the subject line.  I'll listen to it, I listen to everything.  And like I said, if I like it I'll add it to the rotation, and I'll probably get back to you for more stuff.  Well, that's pretty much it, it's pretty simple, don't you think? 

     I don't know what you're waiting for, do you?


         Check it out, if you are liking what you're listening to here on radio free exile, let people know, send texts, emails, use your social media, link to this site.  Talk it up.  Help increase the audience for all of these great artists.  There are links on this page for almost everyone in rotation on this station.  

         And if you're an artist with your work on the station,  let your fans know where they can hear you.  They'll love you more.  Honest.  Really.

         Spread the word.


    supporting music in the age of covid

    Everybody's home, things are locked down, and musicians can't work.  Players who would be playing on street corners or in the subway for tips can't even do that anymore. So. no money.  It sucks.  So, you'll notice that most of the artists in the list below have links to their web pages.  Check them out, buy CDs and other merch,  download songs, buy tickets to their facebook live & zoom shows,  add something to their tip jars.  Help them get through this time.  And when all of this madness is over, go to their shows.  After all, where would you be without the music?



    It's common for folks to do their thing on the interweb and ask for donations of one kind or another. And, if it works for them, cool. And if it works for you that's great. If you were to send some paypal dollars to my email I'm not going to turn it down, I might be nuts but I'm not fucking stupid.  But, you know, nobody asked me to do this, and even though it takes money to maintain, I would rather you got something for your hard earned dollars.  So if you feel the urge support this, whatever it is, the links below will get you good stuff if you feel so inclined.
    Check 'em out...

    This is cool, exileguy's emporium offers hundreds of products with original designs. Shirts, mugs, bumper stickers. and tons more. Great prices and fast shipping. Sarcasm, lefty politics, and and cool graphics abound.
    Perfect stuff for yourself or gifts for friends.

     Definitely worth checking out.

    If you're into collecting cool old stuff, exileguy's attic is worth taking a look at. Collectible coins, vintage toys, ephemera, books, and you know, whatever. There's always new stuff being added, so you'll want to come back again and again. 
    Free shipping in the USA.

    Do you have something to promote? Maybe your band, downloads, CD, podcast, website, a product or service, maybe a money laundering operation. Who Knows?  Whatever.
    Now you can produce your own commercial.  Exciting, right?  Radio Free Exile is currently offering 30 and 60 second spots, running approximately every two hours, that's 84 times a week. 
    Rates as low as $5 a week.
    For more info and a rate card, send an email with "advertise" in the subject line.

    ~ Advertisers & Promos ~

    Autism Rocks and Rolls Podcast with Sam Mitchell

    Bleeding Daylight w/ Rodney Olsen 

    Books Boys Podcast

    Solid Rock Minnesota Podcast

    The Tony Gambino Show

    Honest John's Nothing But The Truth Podcast 

    Just The Tipsters Podcast W/ Melissa Morgan

    Trough Records


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    "They muddy the water,  to make it seem deep." - Friedrich Nietzsche

    "The music business is a dark, plastic hallway where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." - Hunter S. Thompson


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